Information about trainingbrite

How it works

Trainingbrite is not another training company! 

This is how it works....

... for Learners:

  1. Find the perfect course, by the perfect instructor, in the perfect venue
    • You can verify prior to booking that the instructor's profile meets your expectations
    • Training delivered in high quality classrooms, on line, or at your site
  2. Book & pay for your place instantly and with confidence
    • You pay after the instructor accepts the booking, but the money is kept on hold until the first day of training
    • Contact us if your company prefers to pay with a PO
  3. You’re all set to learn, advance, succeed.
    • Connect, and be ready to learn. The instructor will be in touch for any preparation needed
    • Contact us if you need additional support, and remember to post a review after you complete the course

... for Trainers:

  1. Registered instructors directly list training courses and coaching packages
    • Include course outline, learning outcomes, dates, cost, and other details such as location, certifications, prerequisites, etc. 
    • If you need, we can help
  2. We do what we do best: market your offer to thousands of professionals
    • Customers can directly message you with any question
    • You will be notified when a booking is requested
    • By accepting the request, you commit to deliver the training as specified in the listing
  3. You do what you do best: deliver an outstanding learning experience.
    • This starts by connecting with your registered delegates soon after they booked, and continues long after the course has ended.

Whether you're a learner or a trainer, join now