Agile Essentials (4 February 2022, 9:00-13:00 GMT)

Is Agile a mystery to you? Do you hear all the buzzwords and wonder what people are talking about? Do you suspect that what passes for Agile work in your company may not really be very... agile?

Discover what it really means to work with an Agile mindset. This half-day course will equip you with the knowledge to understand Agile and embrace agile ways of working. Agile helps create the culture and support that people need to enable an enterprise to thrive in an increasingly competitive and disruptive market.

This course is aimed at anyone who would like to understand and explore working with greater agility. No agile experience is required and you don't need to work in IT. For Agile Practices to realise their full value, everyone needs to play the game, not just the software people.

Learning outcomes
• An understanding of an agile mindset
• Insight into how working with agility is valuable in any role

Course syllabus
• Agile and agility
• Agile values
• Empirical process control and the Deming Cycle
• Fast feedback
• Experimentation
• Visualisation

What to expect
• An interactive tour of the basics of Agile
• Simple games to illustrate the points
NOT death by PowerPoint!

Who should attend this course?
• Anyone who would like to demystify Agile

• None at all

Delivery: Online (live)
Level: Awareness
Course Dates : 4 February 2022
Day & Time:
Week Days
What is included:
Digital courseware
Digital Recording
Printed courseware
Extra revision sessions
Venue: Online, virtual instructor led
Training Instructor accredited by: ICAgile
Starts: February 2022
Duration: 1 day or less

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