MS Word, PowerPoint & Excel Masterclass - 26 Jan 2022

What will I learn from this Word, PowerPoint and Excel Masterclass?

This Word, PowerPoint and Excel Masterclass focuses on using Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint to save you time. As with all computer-based office tools, we tend to use familiar features and functions and ignore the rest. You will learn how to really use these effectively to produce amazing professional documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and with the use of our breath-taking shortcuts, it needn’t take you hours!

PowerPoint with a PAssion

Many office professionals use Microsoft PowerPoint frequently, but few use this program to its full potential. Making your (or your manager’s) PowerPoint presentation more polished and engaging is easier than you think. During this course you’ll learn some helpful tricks to take your PowerPoint game to a new level.

You would probably agree that most PowerPoint presentations are boring. Too often there are too many slides, too many bullets, too much text. The deck always seems too dull or too exciting. Then there is the speaker who wants to show you they have used every animation and transition…

The truth is good slides require a sound understanding of the basics and then how to go deeper and deeper to get your message across. We will look at all the main features and we’ll start combining them to make beautiful presentations.

What will you learn on the day?

  • Working with slides and text
  • Formatting your slide
  • Master slides
  • Animation and sound
  • SmartArt that’ll make you cry
  • Amending pictures
  • Charts
  • Transitions
  • OMG presenting shortcuts (e.g. making your screen black by pressing one button, drawing on top of your slides during your presentation)
  • Merging pictures
  • Eyedropper fill
  • Icons
  • Every shortcut you will ever need – and more

Free tip: Have you ever struggled to line up your images in your slideshow? Next time press shift + F9. This will display gridlines for you to line objects up perfectly.

Taking the Fear Out of Excel

Many office professionals have a genuine fear of using Microsoft Excel. However, this program is not just a useful tool for accountants and actuaries! Excel has been designed with one goal in mind – it will do what you ask. If you don’t ask correctly it’ll soon let you know.

The secret of Excel is learning how to communicate with it. Excel always behaves in the same way. In this Masterclass we will cover a mixture of basic, intermediate and advanced skills.

  • The absolute basics
  • Handling a cell
  • Moving around cells
  • Formatting and working with your workbooks
  • Charts and tables
  • Paul’s all time favourite tip to find formulas
  • Adding comments
  • Wrapping text
  • Freeze Pane secret
  • The wonders of Paste Special
  • Clearing Cells button
  • Auto fill
  • Quick Totals
  • Producing drop down lists
  • Editing several sheets simultaneously
  • Conditional formatting
  • Splitting text into Columns
  • Printing impossible documents
  • Getting sheets/workbooks to talk to each other
  • Combining two or more formulas
  • The miracle of Flash Fill
  • Having fun with Charts
  • Sparklines
  • Every shortcut you will ever need – and more

Free tips: Have you ever struggled to come up with just the right formula for your work? Next time press shift + F3 and ask Excel what you want it to do. Want to create a chart instantaneously? Select your data and press F11.

Working With Word

Of all the productivity sessions Paul Pennant teaches Microsoft Word has to be his favourite. The shortcuts and approach in Word is something he uses every time he touches his keyboard. Most of the tips are the same in Outlook and PowerPoint too. Double win!

Improve your productivity and efficiency with these useful tips and discover some of the most overlooked features in MS Word.

  • Functions you must add to your Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar
  • Using Autocorrect in ways you have never before
  • Personalising your bullets
  • Removing format from your text with just two key strokes
  • Format painting at another level
  • Editing a PDF in Word. Yes you can!
  • Applying the colour of your logo/brand to your document
  • Using Styles to save you time
  • Working with large documents
  • Mail Merge
  • An abundance of keyboard shortcuts including Paul’s all-time favourite Microsoft Shortcut
  • And… secret emojis

Free tip: Most people go to their ribbon (or toolbar) to increase the size of their font. If you highlight your text and press Ctrl + [ or Ctrl + ] your font size will decrease/increase.

Your course fee includes:

-Pre & post-course activity
-Handouts – 150+ pages
-Tea, coffee & hot lunch
-Today’s PA stationery
-Lifetime support from Paul Pennant

Delivery: Classroom (workspace)
Level: Intermediate
Course Dates : 26 January 2022
Day & Time:
Week Days
Venue: Central London, TBC
About the venue:
Exceptional Building
City Centre
Country Retreat
Natural light
Designed interiors
Starts: January 2022
Duration: 1 day or less

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