Application & Solution Architecture | 28 Mar-1 Apr 2022 | Online

Techniques and Deliverables of Application and Solution Architecture

Online live 28 March to 1 April 2022 UK Time: 8am to 4.30pm

Application Architecture is a vital discipline to ensure the best application support for a business or other enterprise. It ensures that the application portfolio is fit for purpose, effective, efficient, agile and sustainable.

Solution Architecture translates business requirements into solution designs that are innovative, effective, user friendly, sustainable, efficient and integrate well into the application landscape.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of the course, you will be equipped to perform as an application and/or solution architect. Specifically you will be able to:

  • Understand the key aspects of creating well structured and maintainable applications which will have a long and productive life

  • Get to grips with many new options in application design including web, mobile, cloud, APIs, containers, serverless, open source and more

  • Understand the data storage options available beyond relational database, including document, NOSQL and semantic stores

  • Understand the context, challenges, opportunities, risks and strategic options of an enterprise’s use of technology and applications

  • Choose between integration strategies at the individual application, enterprise landscape and ecosystem level

  • Understand how to use powerful techniques to analyse and optimise your application portfolio, eliminate redundancy and fill gaps in capabilities

  • Learn how to fashion a coherent architecture and plan to realise your organisation’s vision with respect to application support for business and processes

Course Syllabus

The course content includes detailed coverage of application architecture, including, inter alia:

  • Logical Applications

  • Interfaces and Services

  • Logical and Physical Components

  • Archimate™ depiction of applications and related concepts

  • Reference Frameworks

  • Portfolio management

  • Linking applications to business processes, information and technology architectures

  • Application Security and Privacy

  • Usability Considerations

  • Application Integration Technologies and Strategies

  • Important Solution Architecture Patterns

  • Web applications and web services

  • Mobile and Cloud Applications


The course is presented online but live, via Zoom with interactive video, discussion and breakaway groups. Just over half the time is "hands on" with students tackling individual assignments and group assignments to experience and reinforce concepts and techniques. Case study assignments flow through the full course, allowing students to see the application of concepts in the application landscape, through requirements and solution architecture phases.

Comprehensive notes are provided and significant enrichment in the form of short videos, provided articles, references and links. We also provide an eBook on Solution Architecture Foundations and access to an alumni website where further materials are added over time.

Who Should Attend

The course is intended for anyone who wants to become competent as an Application or Solution Architect or who operates in a role where these skills are valuable. Typical attendees have previously been

  • Current Application and Solution Architects

  • Application developers, systems analysts, system designers, system integrators, application portfolio managers who are, or who will become, actively involved in specifying, modeling, analysing and integrating application systems used in businesses

  • Senior business analysts and security and privacy specialists responsible for application related aspects

  • Those concerned with public applications (e.g. the websites, portals, web services, mobile apps and applications) exposed outside your traditional user base

  • Software Product Managers or Designers


There are no formal prerequisites, but it is recommended that students have prior experience of application systems development, business systems or other work experience. Exposure to information technology, projects and modelling would also be an advantage.

Comments from Past Attendees

  • “Thank you for a great week— feel like I extended my brain and excited to implement it in our organisation.”
  • “Great. Graham’s knowledge is extensive. Examples and explanations were so good.”
  • “Lots of great content! Lots of great examples.”
  • “Great insight into the overall solution architecture, how all technologies fit.”
  • “Lecturer is knowledgeable about IT and has vast experience.”
Delivery: Online (live)
Level: Intermediate
Course Dates : 28 March - 1 April 2022
Day & Time:
Week Days
What is included:
Digital courseware
Digital Recording
Printed courseware
Extra revision sessions
Venue: Online
Starts: March 2022
Duration: 5 days or more

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